The 4th Tanzania Offshore Licensing Round and Finance

Nine new offshore deepwater blocks located in 2,000m to 3,000m water depth, adjacent to proven prospective blocks, will be available for license bidding.

In addition to information published in this presentation, data will be prepared by TPDC and ION/GX Technology and made available at the ION Geoventures offices in Houston, Texas and London, United Kingdom. Additional data will be made available by TPDC and Western Geco at the Gatwick Schlumberger offices in the UK.

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Whether or not you need UK or Tanzanian financial advice, it’s always important to consider the pros and cons of taking out a loan. You need to understand if what you’re going to be investing the money in is going to become an investment or a liability, effectively determining whether or not it will depreciate or appreciate in value.

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This is an important question to ask in long term financial planning, as constantly spending your money on things that you don’t need and that depreciate over time could lead you into financial hardship.

It’s important in these sorts of situations that you don’t go after a short term loan that is high interest, because it can lead you down a path of debt that is hard to escape from. Learn more about how to plan your finances effectively below: