August 30, — The Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation (TPDC) confirmed today that the Ministry of Energy & Minerals has requested that the start of the 4th Tanzania Offshore Licensing Round 2012 be delayed until after the Government has been presented with the “Natural Gas Policy” in the October Parliamentary session. This will allow the Policy to be ratified before the start of the new Roadshow schedule. It is anticipated that the Roadshow schedule will start again immediately after the Parliamentary Ratification.

As TPDC is the key player in the preparation and consultation of this Policy document, their management and staff will be unable to attend the previously scheduled Roadshow events throughout September and October.

However, the Bid Round Data package (BRDP) is to be completed on schedule and will be available for review and purchase by the end of September. This will allow IOC and potential Investors in Tanzania an extended time period to evaluate the technical data and assess the prospectivity of the nine (9) Blocks on offer.